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TechLanc classes is the freelancing classes that exists for people, not profit

Are a full-days crash classes given to local innovators to help them setup successful freelancing jobs. The classes objective is to provide innovators with all the required coaching, tools and resources (e.g. co-working space) to transform their technical skills into an actual jobs.

TechLanc Life Cycle

Techlance Life Cycle


Immersive learning to develop real skills

Immersive learning to develop real skills

Our classes are built with your future in mind. You don’t have time for fluff content or “sages on stage.” From day one, the focus is on driving your passion and getting you ready for your career. You’ll be coding, programing, translating, writing, etc. in the classroom and you won’t stop until you get the first online job. Students work with teams and on their own to bid for online jobs.

Accelerated Classes to get you experience

Accelerated Classes to get you experience

Getting a degree is great. Getting experience is even better. Our classes are fast-paced and designed to get you experience. Because we don’t stuff our courses and classes with fluff you don’t need, you’ll have more opportunities to gain real-world experience. From developing your freelancing skills to learning about the freelancing models, everything in your class is designed to get you career ready.

Cutting edge courses to set you apart

Cutting edge courses to set you apart

Like the tech industry, our curriculum is ever-evolving to keep up with market demands. We work with leading technology companies to carefully craft our curriculum to meet growing demands. From the latest languages to the newest technologies our classes give you skills to make a huge impact on your future. Through our career readiness classes, you can gain the skills you need to become a versatile freelancer and employee.

Courses Spotlight

Our Courses Crafted By Employers

January Class

Start: 28/1/2018
End: 14/2/2018
No of Hours: 56 Hours

February Class

Start: 15/2/2018
End: 6/3/2018
No of Hours: 56 Hours

March Class

Start: 7/3/2018
End: 26/3/2018
No of Hours: 56 Hours

Find freelancers and keep them sharp

There’s a growing talent gap in the labor market and traditional higher education isn’t going to solve it. TechLanc School is creating an alternative path for those looking to buck tradition. Through our freelancing classes, we’re helping aspiring coders, designers, translators, writers and other talents learn what it takes to become a freelancer. Join our network of partners to find technology freelancer and keep your current workforce sharp.

Sima Shublaq

An Architect, I work as a freelancer in the field of interior design, offering innovative solutions to the customers. I am very good in using 2D and 3D Engineering programs.

ahmed elmadhon

Graphic designer And UI/UX , Full of creative ideas to take your business to the next level! , I have A lot of Experience in Websdesign , Wordpress theme design , Design and prototype UI/UX Mobile Apps , Graphic design and Typography

Hisham Ali Hassouna

Creative and disciplined graphic designer collaborates with private and commercial clients to discover their styles, web design that grows from customer’s natural preferences. I have 3 years in freelance, work on many projects with many clients.

hanin farajallah

I'm a talented senior girl with 4+ years experience in front-end and wordpress development and web designing, expert in: - converting any PSD to HTML - design websites interfaces - experience in WordPress - present a responsive website on all screens - work on both (with and without frameworks) - clean , clear and understood code.


Our employer partners keep our curriculum fresh and provide amazing opportunities for our school graduates to launch their careers. By joining our Employer Network, you’ll unlock new and emerging talent for your company.


Our PMN (Palestinian Mentors Network) are Freelancing & Technical experts and consultants, their goal helping our student to gain jobs through Freelancing platforms.


We are working to provide high quality services through our employers.